July 17, 2020

About Vehicle Break-Ins and How to Prevent Them

Once you hear that assuring “beep” of the electronic lock, you think your car is perfectly safe against all possible break-ins. Unfortunately, this is not always the case as thieves can be very creative on how they get past your car’s security system. If you want to deter car break-ins, here are some things you should know:

Park Where There Are Lights and Cameras

Keeping your car safe starts with choosing the perfect spot to park. Ideally, it should be somewhere with enough light to keep the car illuminated during nighttime. Thieves tend to gravitate to darker areas to limit the chances of being seen. This is the same reason why parking close to cameras is advised.

Remove Any Valuables from Sight

Thieves don’t risk breaking into cars unless they know something is inside to make it worth the trouble. Prevent them from thinking this way by simply removing any obvious valuables from your car. Pocket any money and cover up your stereo system before leaving the vehicle. Better yet, tint the car windows up so they won’t be able to see anything inside.

Make Your Security System Obvious

Invest in products that increase the security of your car. This can be a steering wheel lock, an ignition cut-off installation, or perhaps a window alarm. Anything that would make it harder for the thief to pry your car open would be an excellent addition, discouraging them from even trying. Note that your security system should be obvious. For example, you could place a sticker on the car that advertises the use of anti-theft alarm in the vehicle. In many cases, this simple visual reminder of an alarm can prevent any break-ins – even if there’s no actual alarm installed in the car.

Always Turn the Car Off and Check the Lock

Unless you have a huge dog guarding your car, it’s best to turn the car off completely, keep the windows up, and lock all the doors. Even if you’re just running to the store for a “few minutes” to buy something, you should take the time to shut off the car instead of leaving it running. In many cases, car theft is a crime of opportunity. Thieves simply wait for the perfect moment when someone unassumingly forgets to lock the door or leave their car running. Keep your guard up, even if you’re in a familiar place.

Keep your Keys Close

Let’s say you left the keys in the ignition but locked the car door anyway using an electronic lock. Is this enough to deter thieves from smashing your car window and driving off with your car? Not usually. When not in use, the car keys should always be separated from the car. 

Use Apps

There are also apps today that can boost car security. For example, some apps will instantly alert you via phone when someone tries to break into your car. Of course, there are also GPS systems that let you track and recover stolen cars if it does happen. Hopefully however, you have installed enough deterrents in your vehicle to make actual theft unlikely.

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