Daily Security

Daily Security

At I-Watch Services we offer daily security services at the request of our clients.

Our services include: surveying the contracted premises, activating or deactivating alarm systems, property surveillance, removal of loiterers/trespassers, escorting clients to vehicles, and securing buildings.​

Our main priority is making our security presence known. Our top-level security officers are well equipped and readily available to get the job done.

I-Watch Services offers both armed and unarmed security guard services. Available 24/7, you will find our carefully recruited security officers to be reliable, responsive and professional. We will work with you to determine the appropriate level of protection that is needed as we understand that each client’s situation is unique and can change at any time.
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It is mandatory that our security officers must pass a background investigation that includes credit, criminal, drug screening and reference checks. They must be of sound character, present a neat and professional appearance and demonstrate good judgement.

Our armed security officers are required to demonstrate knowledge of their limitations and legal authority of being an armed security officer.

Our security officers are trained in the de-escalation of force, including how to take a non-violent approach using verbal skills and body language to handle violent or potential violent situations.

Their duties on behalf of every client typically include:

1. Safe-guarding the personnel, visitors, guests and property
2. Conducting stationary and roving tours
3. Communicating with the public.
4. Providing assistance to the public
5. Preparing daily logs and reports
6. Rendering assistance when necessary
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We provide superior services and are leaders in every area we occupy.
I-Watch Services will keep you safe.
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